Traffic Sign Camera
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Trafic Sign Camera

Detect speed limits with your iPhone camera


Supported traffic signs
Supported traffic signs
Detecting signs in camera view
Detecting signs in camera view

Traffic Signs & Speed limits

Traffic Sign Camera detects traffic signs using the camera while driving. It displays your current speed along with the last detected speed limit. Color and sound indicate when you are too fast. This makes Traffic Sign Camera a very useful driving app. Currently it recognizes over 40 road signs.

Detect more than 40 signs

It detects more than 40 traffic signs. Please have a look on the lefthand graphics showing which signs are supported.


Traffic Sign Camera uses the builtin GPS to show your current speed. You can set the tolerance at which the app emits overspeed warnings.

Overspeed Warnings

When you are entering a speed limit limit area you will be warned if you are too fast. Sounds are configurable.

Many configuration options

You can configure many settings, including: overspeed tolerance, speed units (km/h or mph), auto clear timeout, auto clear distance and speed limits only mode.

Business Model

We offer a free testing period. If you want to get rid of ads and unlock higher speed limits you can purchase a lifelong license (one-time payment).

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Click to download Traffic Sign Camera now
Click to download Traffic Sign Camera now

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sometimes signs are missed or wrongly classified. Why ?

    The app is based on neural net technology. In order to detect signs in many situations thousands of images have been learned into the neural net. Sometimes the images from the camera are confused with known signs. This is inherent to this technology. Although we are committed to decrease the error rate, neural nets are not an error-free technology.

  • When driving into a town the speed limit is not corrected. Why ?
  • What about US speed limits signs ?
  • How to setup the app/camera in the car ?
  • What are the auto clear options for ?
  • What is "enable standing still detection" for ?
  • My battery gets drained very quickly. Why ?
  • What does the Pro version offer ?

User Manual

Main Screen

Elements of the main screen
Elements of the main screen
Setup Button

Setup Button

Press Setup to open the app configuration screen. There you can select overspeed tolerance and other settings. For further details please refer to setup screen description below.

Help Button

Help Button

Help button links to this web page.

Upgrade Button

Upgrade Button

This button opens the upgrade screen. You will be asked to log with your AppleID. This is only to renew previously made purchases. No purchases are made by entering your password on setup screen opening ! Here you perform your Pro upgrade or recover your previously made purchases. For further details please refer to update screen description below.

Speed limit display & Clear Limit Button

Speed Limit & Clear Limit Button

Please note that you can touch the speed limit display to clear the current speed limit.

Setup Screen

Overspeed tolerance

The over speed tolerance is relative to the detected speed limit. If the current limit is e.g. 100 km/h and you set a overspeed tolerance of 10% you will be warned when going faster than 110 km/h. The speed display will change its color to yellow/red and you wil hear the overspeed sound, if you have configured one.

Unit system

You can change between metric and imperial unit system for speed and distance measurements.

Auto clear limit settings

A speed limit can be removed automatically (without touching the speed display) after a certain amount of distance from the limit sign or a certain timeout. You must set this to you needs. The idea is to clear speed limit when you are too far away from it and have missed the limit removal sign.

Standing still detection settings

When you are not moving (e.g. before a red traffic light) you do not need to spend resources on sign detection. This is the reason why the app does not detect anything when not moving. For testing purposes however you can enable detection when standing sill. This will increase battery consumption and device heating.

Speed limits only

If you are not interested in signs other than speed limits you can configure this here. If switched on only speed limits will be detected.

Upgrade Screen

On opening of the upgrade screen you will always be asked to log with your AppleID if you are not already. This is used only to renew previously made purchases. No purchases are made by entering your password on setup screen opening ! 

Purchase Button

Press the purchase button indicating the price to purchase a life-long license for this app. It is a one-time payment which unlocks the higher speed limits and removes the ads.

Restore Purchases Button

Press this button if you want to restore previously made purchases. If you have purchased and did a reinstall or got a new device you have to restore by pressing this button.

All restore actions are for free, because you already have payed for them.

System Requirements

Traffic Sign Camera requires an iPhone SE, 6s or 6plus or higher running under iOS 11 that must provide the extension 'Metal Performance Shaders'. There is no support for iPhone 5 and 6 or lower and there won't be in the future due to hardware constraints.


Traffic Sign Camera does a computational intensive job that formerly was limited to mainframes. Therefore there are some restrictions:

- At night and in adverse lighting conditions the recognition of road signs might fail due to iPhone camera limitations.
- The app is optimized for German traffic signs. However in many countries the signs are very similar and therefore the app should work there too. Unfortunately there is yet no support for US speed limits.

- There is no support for place/city signs that might also decrease the speed limit according to local traffic road regulations.

- Sometimes traffic signs in narrow turns are missed due to the limited view angle of the camera
- Sometimes there are missed or false road sign detections

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