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Press Start to begin dictation
Press Start to begin dictation
Send text to other apps
Send text to other apps
Edit text for correction
Edit text for corrections

Dictation made easy

Dictate allows to dictate text messages into your device instead of typing. Never type any text, just dictate it using your speech! 

New ! iCloud Drive & Device Sync Support

Since iOS V2.30 and macOS V1.22 Dictate offers support to store and access your dictated text via iCloudOf course your text still can be stored locally on your device. You can set your preferred storage model in the app settings.

Furthermore using iCloud Drive your iOS & macOS devices synchronise their text on all text zonesText that is dictated into one device magically appears on all other devices where you are logged in with the same AppleID.

Please find more details below

Offline Dictation Support

Dictate has offline support for the following languages: English (US,CA,UK,IN), German, Spanish (US,MX,ES), Italian, Portuguese (BR), Russian, Turkish, Chinese.

This feature requires iOS 13.3+ and you need to setup offline dictation correctly with your device. Please the section Setup off-line dictation below !

No dictation time limit

With Dictate you don't have any dictation time limits anymore like in the iOS dictation function which stop usually between 30-60 seconds.

More Than 40 Languages

Dictate offers more than 40 languges, including: English, Deutsch, Nederlands, Dansk, Español, Français, Hrvatski, Italiano, Pусский, Magyar, Norsk bokmål, Polski, Português, Bahasa Melayu, Indonesia, Tiếng Việt, Türkçe, Català, Română, Slovenčina, Suomi, Svenska, čeština, 中文, 粵語, ไทย, 日本語, 한국어, עברית, العربية, Ελληνικά, українська


Using the clipboard technology, nearly every app that can send and receive text messages can be configured to operate with Dictate.

Text/Language Zones

Dictate offers 3 text zones which you can use for different projects. Easily switch between text zones with one klick. Text zone A can sync to iCloud, zones B and C store locally.

Keyboard Edit

In addition to dictation you can edit your text manually in case you want do some formatting of just correct small errors.


Using the new translation feature you can translate your text into any other supported language. Once translated you can send the text as usual.

Business Model

We offer a free 3 day testing period where you can test Dictate without any fees. 

Applications of Dictate

  • Authors, Medical doctors typically have to write large amounts of text in short time. They benefit in particular from the text zones where they can handle different projects simultaneously.
  • Blind people are a huge user group of Dictate. They use it to produce written text for others. Dictate has Voiceover support !
  • Deaf people are also a huge user group of Dictate. They can use it to read what other people say.
  • Journalists, blogger and any social media user use Dictate to speed up their posts. Since Dictate can send to any other text app there many more possibilities in social media posting.
  • Everybody who needs to translate text can now use the translation feature, which allows to easily translate the dictated text into another language.

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Setup Offline Dictation

The following requires iOS 13.3 on your device. Earlier versions not not support offline dictation !

To setup offline dictation please open the "Settings" App and navigate to "General -> Keyboard". Then switch on "Enable Dictation".

Your device will then load offline dictation files from Apple. This process can take a long time. It takes place in the background and requires a good WIFI connection. Unfortunately there is no feedback from Apple when the process is completed or if it is still running. It is a little bit clunky and requires to tweak around with it. Sometimes on the next day it may work magically.

Please wait until a text occurs below the indicting that the language is available offline (see screenshot on the left).

You can also configure more than one language for offline support. This requires you to enable the corresponding keyboard above. If you have configured only one keyboard language the "Dictation languages" sub menu will not be presented.

If you have more than one language configured you need to open the sub menu "Dictation languages" and enable the languages there.

You can test offline support by opening a keyboard (e.g. using Notes App). If on the left side of the space bar there is a little microphone you can long-press it to see wether or what languages are available. Of course you need to be offline for this test !!!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When I press the "Upgrade" button I am requested to enter my AppleID, is this normal ?

    Yes, in order to check your subscription status we require users to log in with their AppleID. The benefit to the user is that renewal of subcription does not require any further interaction.

  • What is the "Sync text across devices" in the "Setup" screen feature for ?
  • My trial period is over. What are my options ?
  • My record button is disabled. What is wrong ?
  • When I press the "Start" button I am presented with the "Upgrade" screen. Why ?
  • I previously purchased the life-long "Pro Version" but the app says "Expired".
  • When I press "Start" the dictation stops and throws an iCloud error. Why ?
  • What is the difference between the Pro the and Free Version ?
  • Does Dictate support dictation when offline (no internet) ?
  • Where is the edit button ?
  • Where do I find my text files ?

User Manual

Functions on the Main Screen

Manual text editing

Click into the text field whenever you want to manually correct your text. This will popup the keyboard. The keyboard only appears when dictation is stopped. You can position the cursor (insert point) and edit your text at any time (except when dictation is in progress). If you leave Edit mode by pressing the "Dismiss keyboard" button in the top bar, the next dictation will insert at the current cursor position in the text. This allows to insert text by dictation in the middle of your text. This behaviour has changed with V1.999, for earlier versions press the Edit button on the top left to popup the keyboard !

Delete Text Button

Press the delete button to erase your current text field. A security requester will ask if you are sure. If you say "Yes" there is no way to recover your previous text.

Setup Button

Press Setup to open the app configuration screen. There you can select the dictation language, the font size and en-/disable the iCloud synchronization feature. For further details please refer to setup screen description below.

Help Button

Help Button

Help button offers links to: dictation commands, this manual and our frequently asked questions.

Upgrade Button

Upgrade Button

This button opens the upgrade screen. You will be asked to log with your AppleID. This is only to renew previously made purchases. No purchases are made by entering your password on setup screen opening ! Here you perform in app purchases, recover you previously made purchases and renew your subscriptions. For further details please refer to update screen description below.

Text zone switch

Switch Text Zones/Languages

Using this selector you can switch your text zones. There are 3 text zones which can be used to work on different projects at the same time. Each text zone will store and recover its text when you switch it. You can think of each text zone as a separate 'file'.

Each text zone can be assigned a different language, so that you can switch the dictation language with one click. For details please see the 'Setup Screen' section below.

Text zone A is a special syncronisation text zone. If it shows an "A" it does not synchronize to iCloud, if it shows a recycle icon it stores your text in a private container in your iCloud. To use this feature you need to be logged in into your iCloud account and you need to have given permission for Dictate to access it. Otherwise it will throw errors each time you try to dictate new text.

If you don't have more than one device you can safely switch iCloud Sync off. Please refer to Setup section below.

Text zones B and C always store your text locally on your device. Please note that when you delete Dictate from your device your texts are also lost.

Translate Button

Push this button to translate your text. Please note that the translation text length is restricted to 8000 characters. A new window will appear containing the translated text. You can send it us usual. 

To configure the target language for the translation please go into the settings screen and change the translation language to your needs.

Start/Stop Button

Start/Stop Button

Press this button to start and stop dictation.

Dictate has no time limits, but it will terminated dictation when it does not recognize speech for more than a minute. This is a safety feature to avoid draining your battery completely because you just forgot to stop dictation.

Please note further that under certain conditions this button might be disabled. Please refer to our FAQ for solving these problems.

Send Button

Send Button

The Send button transfers your text to other (configured) apps where you can further process it or just send it as a message. Most of the social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, Message, Email and more can be configured to receive your dictated text.

Functions on the Setup Screen

Selecting Languages for Text Zones

In the upper area you can setup the speech to text transcription languages for each text zone. There are more than 40 languages available.

You can select a different language for each of the 3 text zones or select the same language for all text zones in case you don't want to dictate in several languages.

1. Select the text zone (pressing one of the flags) for which you want to change the language.

2. Select the language using the language selector.

The selected language is immediately assigned to the selected text zone. For easy visualization the 3 text zones are shown with flags representing the selected language. The same applies for the main screen, where you can switch easily between your configured languages.

Text Size Setting

Here you can set the text size of the text field in the main screen. This is especially helpful for disabled persons which can select very large font sizes to improve the readability.

Store text on iCloud Drive

If you enable that switch, all your text will be stored on your iCloud Drive. If you disable it your text is stored locally on your device.

Please note that backups and device synchronisation are only possible when you set the storage model to 'iCloud Drive'.

Store backups on iCloud Drive

If you enable that switch, every time you close the keyboard or you end dictation, a copy of your current text is stored on your iCloud Drive. You find the backups in your iCloud Drive in Dictate/Backups/textzone_X. Each backup file is named with date and time it was saved. There is a maximum of the 10 latest backups stored.

Translation Targe Language

Use this setting to configure the target language for translations. Currently you can only set one language that is applicable for all text zones.

Functions on the Upgrade Screen

On opening of the upgrade screen you will always be asked to log with your AppleID if you are not already. This is used only to renew previously made purchases. No purchases are made by entering your password on setup screen opening ! 

Abonnement Section

In the upper area you can can select from various subscription models. From time to time we offer life long "Pro-Version"s which are not subscriptions, but a one time purchases. Press the wanted product and you will be guided through the purchasing process.

Subscription End Information

In the lower part you will find information about the time period of you current subscription. If you own a life long Pro Version it will also be written here instead of a expiration date.

Restore Purchases Button

Press this button if you want to restore previously made purchases. Normaly expired subscription are renewed automatically on opening the upgrade screen, but life long Pro Versions are not. If you own these and did a reinstall of Dictate or got a new device you have to restore by pressing this button.

All restore actions are for free, because you already have payed for them.


Dictation Commands

Text Storage File Locations (iOS V2.30+, macOS V1.22+)

You can access your dictations as a text file at the following filesystem locations. The exact location depends on your selected storage model (iCloud or Local) and on the platform (macOS or iOS).

iOS & macOS with iCloud storage model

The Dictate app will create a Folder 'Dictate' on your iCloud Drive as soon as you enable the iCloud storage model in the app settings. All your text can be found inside this folder. The filenames are fixed: 'textzone_A.txt', 'textzone_B.txt' and textzone_C.txt' respectively.

You can access these files on:

  • iOS via the iOS 'Files' App or any other app using iCloud Drive
  • macOS via the Finder -> iCloud Drive -> Dictate

iOS with local storage model

The only way to access your text files using the local storage model is iTunes File Sharing, when your device is cable connected to your Mac:

    1. Connect your device with your Mac

    2. Open iTunes (or Finder for macOS 10.15 upwards) and select your device

    3. Look for "Files" and find your text files under "Dictate".

    For each text zone there is a file named "Textzone_A.txt", "Textzone_B.txt" and "Textzone_C.txt" respectively. 

    Attention ! These files are copies of your text. It is not possible to transfer text to Dictate by copying files into the "Files" section of iTunes.

    macOS with local storage model

    The storage locations on macOS for local files are:

    • /Users/YOUR_USER_NAME/Library/Containers/com.IBNSoft.SpeechWriter/Data/Documents/textzone_A.txt
    • /Users/YOUR_USER_NAME/Library/Containers/com.IBNSoft.SpeechWriter/Data/Documents/textzone_B.txt
    • /Users/YOUR_USER_NAME/Library/Containers/com.IBNSoft.SpeechWriter/Data/Documents/textzone_C.txt
    You can modify these files, but Dictate does not automatically reload these modifications. You have to force a reload e.g. by switching the textzone or restarting Dictate.

    Backup file locations

    Backups are only available using the storage model 'iCloud Drive'. You will find your backup text files:

    • on iOS using the Files App under iCloud -> Dictate -> Backups -> textzone_X -> DateTTime.txt
    • on macOS under 'iCloud Drive'/Dictate/Backups/textzone_X/DateTTime.txt

    There will be a maximum of 10 backup files for each textzone. As new backup files occur in the folder, the older ones are deleted to keep the number of files less than 10. Backups are made when you close the keyboard (iOS only) and when you finish a recording by pressing the stop button.

    Text Synchronization Across Devices

    All devices running Dictate (with iCloud storage model enabled) synchronise their text automatically. This is possible due to the fixed filenames: 'textzone_A.txt', 'textzone_B.txt' and 'textzone_C.txt'.

    Sometimes it takes a longer time to update the text on all devices. Sometimes the sync gets lost. In this case switch off and on again the iCloud storage on the device which has lost its sync.

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